Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Lead beneficiary Workpackage No. Delivery Date (project month)
D2.1Definition and Description of the 6G BRAINS Primary Use Cases and Derivation of User RequirementsAbstractBOSCHWP26
D2.2Network Requirements, Key Function Blocks and System ArchitectureAbstractULEICWP28
D2.3Specifications of Learning Datasets for AI Engines and Performance KPIsAbstractUBRUNELWP29
D2.4Description and Analysis Results of the 6G BRAINS Secondary Use CasesAbstractBOSCHWP224
D2.5Measurement for User Cases and Proof of Concept Performance KPIsAbstractVIAVIWP211
D3.13D Laser measurement of one factory at Bosch with 3D cloud scanner and 3D hand scannerAbstractFhGWP39
D3.2Specifications and upgrade of multiband channel sounder for quad-band measurements at sub-6 GHz + mmWave + THz + OWC in industry scenariosAbstractOLEDWP318
D3.3Multiband characterization of propagation in industry scenariosAbstractISEPWP324
D3.4Hybrid deterministic/ stochastic ray-tracing based channel model for multiband analysis in industry scenarioAbstractFhGWP324
D3.5Analysis of new radio waveforms for the THz and OWC from multiband simulationsULEICWP333
D4.1Design and Description of the Intelligent IAB and RmUE/mUE over High Dynamic Ultra-dense D2D Cell Free NetworkAbstractRELWP412
D4.2Modelling of Intelligent IAB and Hybrid User Terminal Optimised by the Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement LearningAbstractVIAVIWP424
D4.3AI Driven Resource Allocation for High Dynamic Ultra-dense D2D CF NetworkAbstractULEICWP433
D4.4Final specification and evaluation of human-centric control interfaces for advanced industrial scenariosAbstractALPTWP433
D5.1E2E network slicing control enablersAbstractECOMWP512
D5.2Preliminary integration for AI-based E2E network slicing control and MANOAbstractTSGWP524
D6.1Technical Specification of the 3D Location ArchitectureAbstractUBRUNELWP612
D6.23D Location Simulation Models and Lab PrototypesAbstractISEPWP624
D6.33D Location Enhanced Virtual Network FunctionsAbstractULEICWP630
D6.4Integrated Slice Management and Location Virtual Network FunctionsAbstractULEICWP636
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